Badawy Law Office (the OFFICE) is an Egyptian practice based in Giza. It was established by Mr. Ossama Badawy (the Principal) in 2006.

To serve all aspects of clients’ investments, the OFFICE provides a wide range of legal services; it advises multinationals companies, corporations, financial institutions, and governmental entities on all legal aspects of investing and doing business in Egypt and the region. The OFFICE also handles multi-million-dollar disputes whether before the Egyptian courts or before the international arbitration centers.

The highest level of professionalism and specialization, enabled the OFFICE to become ISO 9001 Certified in the Quality Management System.

The OFFICE’s commitment to ethics and compliance is documented in the Code of Conduct (the “Code”), comprised of its policies and the Office’s Open-Door Procedures. The Code articulate expectations and define the basis for the conduct of the Office.

The Anti-Corruption Policy, Ethics Policy, and Gifts and Entertainment Policy are foundation policies that bear directly on anti-corruption compliance.

The high level of different cyber security measures that the OFFICE undertook enabled it to become ISO 27001 Certified in information security management system.

These measures aim to keep the OFFICE’s data, its cashflow and its clients safe online, and to prevent risks from various sources, including: internet-borne attacks, eg spyware or malware user generated weaknesses, eg easily guessed password or misplaced information.

Adopting certain criterion in management enabled the OFFICE to become ISO 9001 Certified in the Quality Management System.

It is one of the OFFICE rules to provide the services according to the most industry standard acceptable by the client and to comply with the service level agreed or anticipated by the client. This overall means that the clients’ requirements should be served on good time.

The OFFICE’s policy does not stop there, even where the OFFICE fails in meeting the service levels, it is mandatory on all lawyers to immediately disclose the failure to the client together with specific plan draws the strategy and guides the navigate to the right salvation.

For giving the clients the opportunity to closely pursue their cases and all financial matters related thereto, the OFFICE devised an internal program system inspired from the CRM approach. Nowadays, the OFFICE’s internal program constitutes the portal that allows the OFFICE to manage and analyse its own interactions with its past, current and potential clients. It uses data analysis about clients’ history with the OFFICE to improve business relationships with clients, specifically focusing on clients’ retention and ultimately driving services growth.

The OFFICE is keen on keeping the clients acquainted with all service levels and fees incurred. Although, the OFFICE used to take the initiative to undertake all cost saving efforts on behalf of the clients, it is tolerant of the clients’ discussion with regard to the services provided or the fees incurred.

The OFFICE is proud of its expertise in recording innovative initiatives gave the rise to save hundreds of millions of dollars for the clients.

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